4 Things every lady wants in a relationship


Love does not have to be so complicated. It is not even supposed to change who you are or what you do. To be in a successful relationship, you only have to be yourself. No need to pretend or act out. If someone is truly meant for you, let him love you the way you are. This does not mean you keep yourself unkempt, untidy and careless. Just love, respect and treat yourself well then whoever comes into your life will have to dance to your music. There are many stereotypes out there about what ladies are usually up to in relationships. Well, they may or may not be true. I will share with you things that ladies usually crave for in a relationship.

1. Love and affection

This is the primary goal that a lady will require from the man she falls in love with. She wants to be shown love and affection. There is an innate need for emotional connections and free flow of feelings. Intimacy is an important aspect of dating and she will expect it from her lover. You have to make your lady feel special, unique and cherished. Let her know she means the world to you and that you are contented with her.

2. Responsibility

Many a times men take the role of the head of the relationship and marriage. You cannot purport to be the head without showing responsibility for it. You need to provide for your woman so that she does not go admiring what others have. It is not possible to provide all that she wants but am sure you can meet the basic needs and some other needs. Whether she is working or not, the sense of responsibility lies squarely on the man’s shoulders. If she can take care of her own bills then be on standby to compliment her whenever she gets stuck. You do not have to wait for her to ask, you should be able to know when she needs what and sort her out.

3. Security and safety

A man should always come to the defense of his lover. Ensure your lady feels safe being around you and even when she is not. Find out her fears and worries and address them accordingly. Keep her from the attacks from your family, friends and enemies alike. Your primary task is to make sure she is well protected at all times. Be her guardian angel. Let her run to you when in trouble and you handle it for her. That is what love is about; it is what being a man means.

4. Proper communication

Ladies are vocal beings who like talking and being talked to. We cannot at any point downplay the role of communication in a relationship. It is the pillar upon which a relationship stands. Communication is the channel through which love is strengthened and issues solved. Ladies want their men to talk to them as many times as possible. They expect you to reach out to them in the morning when you wake up and at night before you sleep. It is always refreshing to start your day with a phone call or message from your lover. You should also check in during daytime to know how she is doing. Being in constant communication makes your bond strong.


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