16 Excuses smart men give when asked for money


By far money is the most sensitive aspect of any relationship. Damn! Money creeps people out. Sometimes i wish ladies could know exactly how men react when they receive a message asking for money. Money makes a relationship more interesting and enjoyable. It is one of the few spices a relationship needs. When you have money, you can do a lot in a relationship. If you lack it, your choices are very limited. Money can impact negatively or positively on a relationship, depends on how it is handled. However, money should not be a prerequisite for true love and affection.

Due to the inadequate nature of money, men have devised ways to avoid spending on women. There are so many excuses men are currently using. Some are very convincing while others are very lame. Provided they serve the purpose, well and good. Check them out.

Excuses smart men give when asked for money

  1. My ATM card was swallowed by the ATM machine. My account is frozen for two weeks while they address the issue.
  2. I have cash but no money on M-pesa. Where i am currently there is no M-pesa. I will send you the money when i find one.
  3. My mum got sick and admitted to hospital. I have spent all my savings on her treatment.
  4. I got robbed yester night while going home from watching a football match. They took away all my cash. Am so broke right now.

  5. This date of the month is not favorable at all. Please be patient till end month. Once i earn, i will sort you.
  6. I am so broke at the moment. I was even hoping you were in a position to lend me some cash.
  7. Am not feeling well dear. I have spent the money i had on medication.
  8. There is a money deal am expecting. Once it goes through, i will send you the money.
  9. I just cashed in my check. It will mature in 2 weeks then i give you the money.
  10. M-shwari is under maintenance and yet i had kept my money there. I will keep checking once its working, i will withdraw and send you the money.

  11. My young sister had been send home for school fees. I had to use the money I had to pay her fees.
  12. My grandmother passed on. I have sent them all the money i had for funeral preparations.
  13. My best friend is getting married this weekend. His wedding preparations have milked me dry. Am so broke right now.
  14. I just moved to a new apartment. I had to use all the money i had on the process.
  15. We have not been paid yet. Once we are paid then i will send you the money
  16. Our salary for this month has delayed. We are just waiting but once i get paid i will sort you out.

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