Revealed: 15 lies ladies are currently using to dump men


Sometimes breaking up is inevitable in relationships. People part ways in different manner. There are those who disappear silently while others part so dramatically. What stands out most is the reason why you are breaking up. Mostly men go silently by cutting the communication. On the other hand, ladies like to make up some reason for leaving. Normally, it is the quilt that forces them to. If a lady has found greener pastures elsewhere, she will come up with all manners of excuses. Because she cannot just admit to falling for someone else, she will make up some lies to serve the occasion.

Lies ladies use to dump men

  1. I have a lot going through my mind right now. I need sometime alone.
  2. You never treat me nicely like other men do to their girlfriends. It’s best if you and I parted ways.
  3. I have realized i entered into this relationship prematurely. I cannot stand it anymore. It’s over between us.

  4. We always argue, disagree and fight over petty issues. I think you and me are not meant for each other.
  5. You are too stingy and self-centered. I need a guy who can spoil me with whatever i desire. I do not think you can meet my needs. Let’s just quit this relationship.
  6. I have a feeling we are not compatible. Instead of wasting each other’s time its better we break up at this early stage.
  7. You seem to be only interested in my body. I cannot stand being around you anymore. Just find another lady who can entertain your behavior.
  8. Dear you are such a great person. I think you deserve someone better than me. Kindly find a lady who matches your greatness.

  9. You are too mature for me. I want someone younger. We just can’t be together anymore.
  10. I did not clearly sort things out with my ex. He keeps bothering me. I need time to sort things with him.
  11. It is clear you and I are not meant to be. We do not seem to agree on most things and our lives are kind of leading to different directions.
  12. You are not my type. It is over between us.
  13. You are always flirting with other girls and workmates. Maybe am not good enough for you. Just date those other women.
  14. How comes you are too good for me? I think you are hiding something or cheating on me. I can’t be with you anymore.
  15. You have never shared with me your future goals or plans. I feel you do not take me seriously. Move on with your life and leave me alone.



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