Shock as a Boy Steals His Father’s 17-Cows Dowry for the 4th Wife and Disappears into the Forest


A 17 years old boy in Tana River county has left villagers in shock after he stole 17 cows his father had earmarked as bride price for his fourth wife. The 74-years old father had fallen in love yet again with a 17-years old girl and a marriage ceremony had already been organized when the incident occurred. Daily Nation reports that the teenager had protested that marriage and at some point he was heard telling his father that it will not happen. The two are said to have been involved in a bitter exchange of words to the extend of the father disowning him. 

According to the younger brother of the boy in question, the 17-year old has been introducing his bride to the father asking for his blessing for the marriage but the father keeps refusing. When he learned that his father was actually planning to marry the 4th wife yet he had stopped him from marrying, he decided to teach the father a lesson. The father is said to be choosy on the kind of girl his son can marry . The brother told the Daily Nation that the father does not approve girls from certain families or tribes.

“My brother has been introducing the bride he wants to marry to our father, but it seems our father has his own preference of the kind of women he wants us to marry, so he keeps rejecting our choices,” the brother told the Daily Nation.

When their wrangles escalated further and marriage plans were in top gear, the teenager opted for a swift action to scuttle those plans. By then, the father was residing in a house designated for his incoming new wife. Earlier this week, the boy disappeared from home and came back mid week. On Thursday night, the boy woke up at midnight, went to the house his father was sleeping in and locked it from outside. He then proceeded to the place where the 17 cows for dowry had been kept. He untied them and led them out of the compound towards Boni forest. He has not returned nor be seen anywhere ever since. 

In the morning when the father woke up, he was shocked to find out that he had been locked in from outside. He called for help and a family member unlocked the door for him. After realizing what his teenage son had done, Nation reports that he fainted and was rushed to Garsen hospital for emergency care. He regained consciousness later in the hospital and was discharged back home. 

According to his third wife, he has never spoken ever since he returned from hospital. He spends most of his time in the house and only comes out to get fresh air at night. The wife told the Daily Nation that he has refused to feed as well only surviving on milk. His three wives were also opposed to that marriage but the man was unstoppable. Elders from that village have decided not to involve the police but solve the matter traditionally. A team of youths have since been dispatched to look to the teenage boy who escaped with his father’s dowry for the fourth wife. 


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