List of posh estates in Mombasa where the rich stay



Mombasa  County has got at least 20 estates, with most of them are suiting low income earners.

However,  there are some estates which are exclusively for rich people, and any middle earner living there will be probably straining his or her fiances.

Some of the posh estate in Mombasa include the following:

1. The Nyali Estate

Located in Nyali Constituency and less than 10km from Mombasa City, this estate is exclusively for the rich, with most posh mansions and bungalows with unique architectural designs going for more than Ksh300,000 monthly rent. Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho is one of the residents in this estate. Former Prime Minister Raila Amollo Odinga is another public figure who owns a house in the estate of Nyali.

2. Kizingo Estate

This is another posh estate in Mombasa, with Kenya’s Mombasa Statehouse falling within the estate, and for this, it is considered the among secure place to live in in terms of security. Joho’s first family resides in this estate.

3. Ganjoni

This estate is also occupied by middle class earners. Located within the island and its proximity to the Kenya Ports, most residents here are KPA staff.

4. Bamburi

Bamburi is one of the fast growing estate in Mombasa. It is middle-class estate where one can get a nice apartment at a good price. However, recurring attacks by machete-wielding gangs has been a major problem in the region.

5. Kibokoni

Located within Mombasa Island to the south-East, the estate is mostly inhabited by local Arabs and Asians. 


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