7 easy home tests to know the gender of your unborn baby


There are simple home tests to tell the gender of unborn baby. That is if you do not want to go for ultrasound or other medical gender tests. They have proven to work overtime on different women. Due to individual differences, try out several of these tests to improve your certainty. However, note that these are only prediction tests and not true all the time. Be ready and willing to accept either outcome once you deliver.

1. Baby’s heart rate test

It is alleged that girls and boys have different heart rates in the womb. A baby with a heart rate under 140 beats a minute is likely a boy and a baby with 140 or over beats a minute is likely a girl.

2. Breasts test

The breasts of a pregnant woman feel differently in the case of a boy or girl. You can guess the gender of your baby from the way the breasts feel. For a girl, the breasts may enlarge heavily, they fill up in an appealing way and the nipples become lighter in color. If a boy, the breast fills up unevenly, often with the right breast bigger than the left side. The nipples become dark and very sensitive to touch.

3. Bump Position test

If you are carrying your bump low, you are most probably having a baby boy. If you are rocking a higher bump, expect to more likely have a pretty pink baby coming soon.

4. The Ring Test

Lie on your back with your bump up. Take off your ring, it has to be your wedding ring, and tie i on a string and suspend it directly above your bump. Observe how the ring moves. If it moves back and forth you might be having a girl. If it circles around, congratulations you are likely to get a baby boy!

5. Toddler test

Legend believe  babies can accurately predict the gender of your unborn child. If a toddler boy shows interest in your baby bump, it means a girl is in there. If he doesn’t seem interested, it’s probably a boy. The same goes for toddler girls. A toddler’s interest in the bump will mean the unborn baby is of the opposite sex.

6. Key test

Cover your face with a blind fold. Drop a key to the floor then pick up the key. Remove the blind fold then see. If you grabbed  the narrow end, it’s likely  that you are pregnant with a daughter. If you happen to grab it by the rounded end, you are more likely to have a bouncing baby boy.

7. Cravings test

Most women experience cravings during pregnancy due to hormonal imbalance. The type of food you are craving could determine your unborn baby’s gender. If you are craving for sweet and sugary foods, you will most probably have a beautiful princess. Craving for salty and savory foods may suggest you are having a handsome prince on the way.


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