4 reasons why you need a panty liner


A panty liner is an absorbent piece of material used for female hygiene. This is a simple way to keep up with personal cleanliness. Panty liners resemble sanitary pads in their basic construction. However, they are usually much thinner and often narrower than pads. As a result, they absorb much less liquid than the sanitary napkins. That is why they are ideal for light discharge and everyday cleanliness. They are mostly unsuitable for medium to heavy menstrual flow. If used so anyway, they have to be changed frequently. Here are the reasons why you should start using them.

1.Useful when you have unexpected menstrual flow

Sometimes your periods might come very abruptly. Having a panty liner with you will go a long way to save you from the shame and embarrassment. We have witnessed ladies soak their dresses with menses when they least expect them. The panty liner is the best friend that will save you from such frustrations.

2. Help manage discharges

The female genitalia might secrete excess fluids that flow and wets your pant always. At times you are sexually excited by your lover or crush and end up over secreting vaginal fluids. Urine leaks can be sorted by panty liners too. This is why you need to have the panty liner on. The panty liner will deal with all those discharges and guarantee you peace to enjoy your fantasy. It also saves your pant from getting so many spots due to discharges. Some discharges literally burn up pants. Save yourself from such by having panty liners.

3. Keeps you fresh all day

The nature and design which panty liners are made makes you comfortable all day long. They keep you dry unlike when you have to feel uncomfortable due to wet pants. Panty liners will ensure you feel confident and clean. You will not be distracted anymore and thus can concentrate of your work.

4. Helps absorb postpartum flow

Panty liners are very important after delivery. They really help postpartum mothers from those flows after delivery. Mother of babies might use daily liners for the management of light postpartum flow. Particularly, a few weeks after giving birth. Those who do use pant liners for postpartum flow should look for extra leak protection.


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