VIDEO: Gladys Shollei breaks silence on intimate photos making rounds on Internet


Uasin Gishu County Woman Representative Gladys Boss Shollei has broken silence over intimate photos making rounds on social media.

On Friday afternoon, the internet and especially social media platforms were full of the law maker’s photos together with an unknown white man.

It could not immediately be revealed where the photos were taken, time they were taken nor its intentions.

However, Gladys has said those photos are being spread by her enemies who are very known to her and who got an intention of ruining her name and destructing her from the great job she is doing to the people of Uasin Gishu County.

She also added that she was not going to engage the said enemy in the battle of destruction because she was not raised in that manner. 

“Recently, I have been threatened with destruction of my character and image by a person known to me. I will, however, never respond to them, or do the same to them because I was never raised to be an evil person,” she noted in a video shared by

The law maker said only God can bring her down and that those targeting to destroy her with the photos will not make it.

She could however, not deny nor accept involving herself in a romantic relationship with the white man seen in the photos.

“Those photographs out there reveal no improper conduct on my part. In terms of using them to destroy me, I believe that no human being can destroy me unless my God does it, or if they are God, which they are not,” she added.

Here is the video


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