Truth behind Obama’s ‘low-key’ visit to Mombasa, his 2022 Presidential ambitions


President Uhuru and Barack Obama at past event [Source/The New York Times]

Viral reports saying former US President Barack Obama visited Mombasa City earlier this weeks to launch his 2022 plans to unseat President Uhuru Kenyatta are nothing but fake news.

On Tuesday, some media houses in African and outside Africa were running headlines which linked Obama to 2022 politics and how visited the Port City of Kenya on a low-key note.

The fake news was first taken to the internet by World News Daily Report, which is an Israel-based known for spreading satirical and fake news all over the world, mostly political one.

Unfortunately, other African countries like Zimbabwe’s main media house, Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation could not realise the news was fake to a level of running it to their main website.

This triggered other Zimbabwe’s media houses to repackage the story, which made it it viral all over their country, even after Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation pulled the story down upon realising it was fake news.

The article alleged that Obama was fade up with how Kenya was being run, and that he was willing to become the president and clear the mess.

Fact-checking website, Snopes, later published a story over the same and warned the world that claims that Obama was in Mombasa to launch his 2202 presidential plans were fake,

“No, Obama Didn’t Announce His Intent to Run for President of Kenya in 2021,” reads Snopes. warning headline.

For that, it is clear beyond doubts that Obama did not visit Mombasa, and has not showed any 2020 presidency interests.


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