Ruto wants to win Judiciary favours to win corruption cases, ODM


DP Ruto and CJ Maraga at a past event [Source/]

ODM party has this Tuesday alleged that deputy president William Ruto is hatching a plan of winning the heart of the Judiciary so that his corruption cases can be ruled in his favour.

In a statement read to the press outside the Parliament by, Suna East Member of Parliament who is also the Minority Chief Whip, Junet Mohamed, ODM claimed that Ruto wants to act good for the Judiciary so that corruptions cases against him are ruled in his favour.

” The DP wants to win the favour with the Judiciary in the hope that judicial officers will go easy in his corruption cases,” Junet said.

During the Naivasha Tanga Tanga meeting, they agreed that the Judiciary should be allocated at least 3.5% of National Revenue.

ODM claims that such a move was to win the Judiciary so that it sides with Ruto during case rulings.

“Of the demands made by Tanga Tanga, we find the one that is calling for allocation of 3.5% of National Revenue to the judiciary fund strange and alarming. More importantly, we find it suspiciously that demand comes just after the President meeting and the CJ on Monday in which the issue of funding cropped up,” they added.


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