Revealed: Why Miguna voted for President Uhuru Kenyatta in August 2017


National Resistance Movement self-declared general Miguna Miguna has defended  his decision  to vote for President Uhuru Kenyatta in the August 2017 general elections. Miguna had previously said on a national television that he did vote for President Uhuru Kenyatta and not Raila Odinga as many thought. That confession sparked mixed reactions and criticism from many Kenyans. Here is the post by Dr. Miguna Miguna on his Facebook page

“Voting did not kill Chris Msando. Uhuru did.

Voting did not kill Baby Pendo, Moraa Nyarangi, Master Mutinda and 500 innocent Kenyans. Uhuru did.

Voting did not steal the August 8th 2017 election. Uhuru did.

Voting did not maim thousands of Kenyans. Uhuru did.

Voting did not disenfranchise millions of Kenyans who boycotted the October 26, 2017 coronation exercise. Uhuru did.

I did not loot billions of tax payers’ money. Uhuru, Ruto, Raila and their cronies are doing that.

I am not the one selling sugar laced with cancer causing mercury, lead and copper. Uhuru and his bag carrier Raila are doing that.

Some mentally colonised minds have been shouting at me that because I had said on TV that I had voted for Uhuru Kenyatta on August 8, 2017, I am disqualified from criticising and opposing his egregious human rights violations, rapacious looting, serial contempt of court orders and other crimes he has committed and continues to commit against me and millions of Kenyans.

Let me take this opportunity to deconstruct this baseless argument once and for all.

Voting is a constitutional right of every Kenyan. No one can be blamed for voting nor can anyone be restrained or censured for voting. Voting does not disqualify anyone from criticizing those that they have voted for.

If this wrong-headed argument was valid, it would apply across the board. We would argue that Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, Tom Mboya, Argwings Kodhek, Achieng’ Oneko, Joseph Murumbi, Bildad Kaggia, Kungu Karumba, JM Kariuki, Pio Pinto Ghama and many other victims of Jomo Kenyatta’s atrocities were guilty of voting for him in 1963 and therefore should never have opposed or criticised him later.

Such belief or thinking would unjustly invalidate Jaramogi’s decades spent fighting against the KANU and Jomo Kenyatta regime that he had not just voted for but almost single-handedly installed into power.

Similarly, this argument would invalidate Raila Odinga’s entire “legacy” as a pro-democracy fighter. It would mean that Raila Odinga should never have complained against Mwai Kibaki after the 2002 election because he had not just voted for Kibaki but he had essentially installed Kibaki as president. Months following the December 2002 election during which Raila did the donkey’s work, Kibaki betrayed him and Raila turned against his former bosom mate with rage, fury and bitterness.

Did any of his sycophants blame him for fighting against Kibaki, his former buddy? Did they tell him that because he had voted for Kibaki, he had no right to criticise and fight against Kibaki? Obviously no – and I believe that Raila was right to oppose Kibaki publicly for Kibaki’s betrayal.

Six months after Jaramogi fell out with Kenyatta in 1966, he published, NOT YET, UHURU. The book exposed Kenyatta as a conman, land grabber and thief. Yet, very few have taken offense at Jaramogi’s authorship of the book on account that he should have kept “secrets” of betrayal of Kenyans and theft of public resources by Kenyatta.

Jomo Kenyatta had been looting and killing Kenyans from 1963 to 1966; that’s three years before Jaramogi and others rebelled. Yet, none of the Raila sycophants has criticised Jaramogi for remaining on Jomo Kenyatta’s side for three years before he rebelled.

Ironically, I have never joined KANU, PNU, Jubilee or any other KANU mongrels. I have only belonged to the ODM from 2006 to 2011.

Logic is a beautiful discipline. It demands that we compare apples with apples and oranges with oranges.

If Jaramogi, Raila and others were not restrained or criticised for taking those positions against individuals they had openly campaigned for, voted for and installed into power, the same logic applies to me.

More significantly, it is a sign of honesty for one to openly criticise those they have supported previously if or when those individuals betray the “reasons” – no matter what those might have been – for which they might have gained the support. A person who voted for me as an independent candidate on August 8, 2017 has more legitimacy in criticising me now, if I had become the governor of Nairobi, because they would feel legitimately betrayed in the event I started acting against my campaign manifesto.

In addition, no one person owns democracy, rule of law and the Constitution. Nobody is above the law. No one is above criticism. Everyone has a right to freedom of thought, conscience, expression and association. I did not waive, forfeit or lose those freedoms by casting a vote for anyone.

Between exercising my right to vote peacefully for a candidate of my choice then organising a strong resistance against the candidate I had voted for after I had seen incontrovertible evidence that he had not just stolen the August 8, 2017 election but that following the exposure of that outrageous crime and resistance against it, the election thieves, looters and murderers turned on innocent Kenyans with guns and machetes and those who pretended to oppose them before being bought off like cheap toilet paper, don’t I have the legitimacy of opposing the despots more than the useless cowards and opportunists now supporting them?

We will not allow mentally enslaved sycophants to try and distort history. Never, ever!

“Sacrifices” anyone one of us made, including those purportedly made by Raila Odinga, do not give any one of us authority or permission to betray our supporters or Kenyans to the worst tyrant in Kenya’s history.

Raila is a traitor. Period.

I don’t have to have served 27 years in jail to say that. It’s the truth.

What we have in Kenya is not peace. It is the institutionalisation of impunity and glorification of mass murder, torture and maiming of innocent Kenyans. The Kikuyu chauvinistic elite and their robots are happy because Raila betrayed Kenyans and granted Uhuru legitimacy he lacked and has ensured through that betrayal that the Kikuyu chauvinistic elite can continue to manipulate, steal and mismanage elections forever.

Many of us will not surrender regardless the delusionsional yelps from the compromised chattering mobs.

I don’t need to hold appointive or elective office in order to criticise, resist or oppose tyranny. I don’t need validation to lead, or be part of a revolutionary movement.

Socrates, Einstein, Newton, Mandela, Castro, Lenin, Mao, and many others held no “state appointments” prior to agitating for positive changes and ferment revolutions in their respective countries.

Revolutions have never been brought about from within the system. Raila did not “destroy KANU from within” as has been falsely claimed by his sycophants. KANU imploded from within because of more than 30 years of despotism. Jaramogi, Achieng’ Oneko and thousands of other Kenyans had been fighting against KANU – including yours truly – before KANU crumbled. Similarly, both Narc and PNU also suffered the same fate. They were not destroyed from within.

One cannot destroy a lion after it has mauled you unless you are poison and not a human being. No one can change the Mafia from within. The moment one joins the Mafia, you either leave in a coffin or as something else serving the Mafia’s interests.

Consequently, Jubilee is dying of its own crimes, tyranny, internal contradictions and the unbearable weight of its excesses against Kenyans. Raila Odinga has become part and parcel of Jubilee. When Uhuru Kenyatta or William Ruto steals public resources, it is Jubilee doing it – with Raila cheering them on.

I don’t need Uhuru Kenyatta’s or Raila Odinga’s permission or appointment to lead a revolution aimed at defeating him. No patriotic Kenyan needs permission to think and act against the culture of impunity.

The revolution must continue. Viva!”



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