Reactions after Miguna attacked President Uhuru Kenyatta


Miguna Miguna has refueled his attacks on President Uhuru Kenyatta. Since his arrest, detention and deportation to Canada, Miguna has always come out strongly to criticize President Kenyatta. This was evident in the recent post he made on his twitter handle.

Dr. Miguna Miguna has elicited mixed reactions after his recent post attacking President Uhuru Kenyatta. Through his twitter handle on 28th June 2018, Miguna posted, “FITNESS TESTS for the tyrant @UKenyatta: He should submit to daily breathalyzer tests to determine his sobriety; a daily urine screening test for illicit drugs; an INTEGRITY TEST to determine compliance with court orders; and a LEGITIMACY TEST to determine fitness for office.”

This tweet brought about varied opinions from the Netizens.

Here are the twitter reactions

Geoffrey Nelson: “When you come back to Kenya, we will have all these tests done on you as well.”

Cheikh‏: “ Miguna the problem with Kenya is Kenyans themselves. They are used to so much mediocrity and inefficient that they think you’re insane. They were created to suffer let them alone.”

Popescos Mwingirwa: “ You should have your personal psychiatrist too.”

Kleptocracy Native:  “There is one sure guarantee: An absolute failure in all mentioned tests. The illegitimate #Tyrant certainly needs a combination of highly potent concoctions to maintain a semblance of sanity with all the piling heaps of infinite scandals revolving around him.#KenyattaStateCapture.”

Saidi Abdalla: “When you voted him two times & I repeat two times you never considered what your posting…?!”

Blue Salmon: “same for the other tyrant he is breeding called @WilliamsRuto. the two despots have auctioned the future of Kenya.”

Sam Karanja: “And of course a guy who wants to enter a foreign country without travel documents needs psychiatric evaluation!”

Justus Magak: “How I wish you were around to curry out all these tests,so sad you are not even coming to your country any time soon….Mr MM….General.”

Dr Fred: “Miguna Uhuru isn’t your enemy. Stop attacking him . time is gone. Wait for 2022 and emerge. Its time to build the lacunas. Find your real enemy and deal with him. I hope you understand sir gen.”

Team Money: “Uhuru for prime minister 2022.miguna pambana na hali yako. Ni hayo tu.”

Dr Odhis Odhis: “How could all this corruption happen under the watch full eye of the president and he still maintains the purity of his morality. Kenya has lost the moral will to fight corruption. A nation rises and falls with leadership. Aasitudanganye na lifestyle Audit#delaying tactics.”

We!: “If those tests were to be done he would leave office in the morning.”

Ngeli: “Why didn’t you order for all these when he visited YOUR country during G7? You depicted the epitome of cowardice, then. You coiled “it.”

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