Murathe Finally Supports DP Ruto after Uhuru Pinned Him Down on Msambweni By-election


President Uhuru Kenyatta put deputy president William Ruto in a compromising position when they decided not to front a candidate for Msambweni parliamentary by-election without duly consulting him. He held a 3-hour meeting with party secretary general Raphael Tuju on Wednesday but failed to agree since Ruto insisted on the party producing a candidate. President Uhuru Kenyatta and other Jubilee leaders had resolved to leave that position for their handshake brother; ODM. Sources indicate that president Uhuru Kenyatta had to be called to convince Ruto to stand down. After a 30-minutes phone conversation with his boss, Ruto had no option but to comply. 

Addressing the press after the meeting, he stated that he was not well consulted on that matter but had decided to give in so that the party does not appear to be divided. He however noted that going forward, the party must produce a candidate in each election as it should. 

A day later deputy president William Ruto endorsed Abdallah Bader, an independent candidate, for the Msambweni parliamentary race. This move was interpreted by political analysts as a direct defiance against his boss. There were mixed reactions on social media as well.

Jubilee party vice chairman David Murathe, a top critic of Dp Ruto, has however come out to back the decision taken by the deputy president. Speaking to the Star, Murathe stated that the party position remains that they will not front any candidate for the Msambweni by-election. He nonetheless affirmed that it was perfectly in order for deputy president William Ruto to support any candidate that he so pleases.  

“The party position is that Jubilee will not field a candidate in Msambweni. However, the deputy president can go ahead and support whoever he wants,” Murathe told the Star.

Murathe noted that the party played its part and briefed the deputy president about their position in regard to the Msambweni by-election. Therefore, him choosing to support an independent candidate was within his rights and the party has no problem with it.

“The DP was briefed about the scenario but has chosen to back an independent candidate, that is within his right,” added David Murathe.

This happens to be the first time David Murathe has okayed a decision made by deputy president William Ruto. Murathe had a major falling out with the deputy president after he announced that he will do all he can to stop him from becoming the president in 2022. He has since been scheming for Ruto’s downfall.


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