Moses Kuria man of ‘fake promises’ after reacting to Kiunjuri’s sacking


Moses Kuria and sacked CS Mwangi Kiunjiri [Souce/Moses Kuria]

Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria has failed to keep the promises he made less two weeks ago.

At the very start of this year 2020, Kuria took to various social media platforms and said that his year’s resolutions were to stay away from social media.

He also said he was to shun away from taking alcohol.

However, on Tuesday 14th January 2020, Kuria broke one of his promises after he was tempted to react to the sacking of Agriculture CS, Mwangi Kiunjiri.

Through his Facebook post, he shared a photo of himself together with Kiunjiri and captioned it with an open ended phrase.

” Kenya has started moving on,” he captioned his post.

He had also reacted to the appointment of former University of Nairobi student leader, Zack Kinuthia, who had been appointed as the CAS for Education.

‘To enhance the roll out of the Incompetency Based Currilculum, i have removed PROFESSOR Colleta Suda as the CAS for Education and replaced her with Zack Kinuthia, HSC’”, he posted.

Moses Kuria had listed three new year resolution and promised to stand by them throughout 2020

“Happy New Year 2020 good people. For those who thought they know me:

“I am deactivation my Social Media Accounts (Except Whatsapp) throughout 2020. See you in 2021. This is my last post of the year

“I am off alcohol throughout the year 2020.

“Tukutane kwa ground,” he had posted.

Kuria is one of Central Kenya politicians supporting deputy president William Ruto’s 2020 presidential mission.


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