Kiambu is known for serious propagandists – Waititu


Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu [Source/Citizen TV]

The embattled Kiambu County Governor Ferdinand Waititu is now claiming that Kiambu County is best known with serious propagandists.

Waititu claimed without providing proof, that Kiambu is full of people who are best at spreading propaganda and playing politics.

“Kiambu is known for serious propagandists, that is the nature of Kiambu,” Waititu said amid laughter in the Senate.

He was speaking this Tuesday in the Senate where his impeachment motion kicked off.

Waititu urged senators to change Kiambu’s thinking of using propaganda to charge and implicate people.

He noted that he was a victim of lies and propaganda thus need for justice for him.

“After all these deliberations, you will change the narrative of Kiambu people, their thinking, that they can propagate lies and succeed getting rid of somebody because they don’t want that person,” he pleaded to the Senate.

Senators are hearing the charges and then make a decision on Wednesday on whether to uphold the decision of Kiambu MCAs or dismiss them.

Waititu was impeached by Kiambu Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) in December 2019.


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