‘Jicho Pevu’ identifies alleged ring leader of goons who attacked him, Aisha Jumwa


Nyali MP Mohammed Ali alias Jicho Pevu [Source/The Standard]

Nyali MP Mohammed Ali alias Jicho Pevu has identified alleged ring leader of goons who attacked him together with his Malindi counterpart Aisha Jumwa.
On Friday, a group of young men attacked and disrupted a press conference that was to be addressed by the two law makers ahead of today’s the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) meeting in Mombasa.

This Saturday, Ali took to Twitter where he shared a number of images of man said to the leader of the goons who attacked him.

The law maker alleged that the said man is an employee of the Mombasa County Inspectorate Department.

He further warned the goons that their plans over the coming BBI meeting are well known to the public., 

“Mr Watata. An employee of Msa County Inspectorate. The guy who attacked us yesterday. He is the ring leader of the goons. We are fully aware of what they are planning to do to us today,” Mohammed Ali tweeted.

Ali had earlier said the attackers were instructed to do so by Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho.

However, Joho was among those who condemned the attacks on the two law makers. 

“We have to be tolerant. Every view is important. We don’t want any disruptions or interference. We want every voice to be heard, every opinion is important. The one who organized the goons, we condemn them,”Joho had said as quoted by The Star.


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