How Raila Odinga can become President in 2022


Raila Amollo Odinga is one of the most celebrated heroes who have sacrificed a lot for this great nation.  He has been a champion of constitutional amendments and reforms. Raila has fought for devolution and equal representation of all Kenyans. Although his previous attempts at the presidency have failed, 2022 might just be his chance. The 2022 presidential race will be a tough one, but raila is tougher. All he needs is a proper formula to achieve that. Here is the resume that will see raila become the fifth president of the republic of Kenya.

1. Gideon Moi as his running mate

The enmity between Raila Odinga and retired President Daniel Moi ended the day they had a handshake. Now it is time to work together. The best way to do that is to have Gideon Moi run as the running mate for Raila Odinga. This is a win – win situation. Raila gets to achieve his dreams of becoming president and Gideon Moi gets the much needed motivation for the top seat. Raila has a huge following in nyanza, western, Nairobi and coast regions. Gideon Moi can successfully deliver a good number of rift valley votes and votes from other places. Then together they can hit the streets and villages hunting for additional votes.

2. Retain Musalia Mudavadi

Musalia Mudavadi is a key part of his victory. The western block needs to be represented in his camp to give him the votes. Of all the western leaders, Musalia Mudavadi is the answer to that puzzle. Though the western block is divided but Mudavadi can deliver the most votes. Since Mudavadi is a reasonable and understanding man, am sure Raila can find a comfortable place for him in his administration. He then has to task Mudavadi to consolidate the western vote and am sure he can do that.

3. Keep Kalonzo Musyoka

Ukambani region has been one of their key pillars. I know Kalonzo is restless and planning to run for the presidency in 2022. But the best option is to still support Raila in 2022. That is his least considered idea but the best so far. That will be his comeback into active politics and the political stamina he needs to build his own presidential roadmap. Raila has managed twice before to convince Kalonzo to work with him, am sure he can do just that once more.

4. Have Hassan Joho for coast region

Mombasa county Governor Hassan Joho is set to finish his term in 2022 and thus needs to join national politics. Being the ODM deputy party leader and close friend of Raila Odinga, the two can work well together come 2022. Joho is a very vibrant, vocal and loved coastal leader, his influence is vital to realizing the huge vote from coastal region. He can work hand in hand with other leaders from the region like amason kingi to achieve this.

With these four political bigwigs, they can approach and include politicians from pastoral communities, central Kenya and other places. They have to make sure their camp portrays the face of Kenya. Gender balance and youth representation should be factored in too. With these great line up, Raila Odinga will be smiling all the way to Statehouse come August 2022.


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