Expensive things owned by Raila Odinga


Former prime minister and opposition chief Raila Odinga is a man of great means. He has grown from being a rich man to a wealthy businessman over the years. His large business empire and a lucrative political career have seen him accomplish a lot. Let us take a look at the most expensive things owned by raila Amollo odinga.

Riat Hills Mansion

This magnificent mansion is strategically located in Riat hills Kisumu. This is considered Raila’s Statehouse. It is a 10-bedroomed house with 2 large conference halls and 2 small conference halls. It also has a huge helipad, Olympic size swimming pool, a gym, a state of the art kitchen, a home theatre and a well maintained garden. This mansion is equipped with bullet proof windows and an underground banker. At this Raila’s home, security is airtight. This mansion is said to have cost him Ksh. 1 billion.

Karen home

This is his serene home located in Karen estate, Nairobi. It contains 10 bedrooms, a helipad, three large living rooms and a dining room upstairs. Furthermore, it also has a large swimming pool, state of the art kitchen, a home theatre, a Jacuzzi, a well-equipped gym and a properly maintained garden. This is a multi-million home.

A Helicopter

Raila Odinga owns a euro copter helicopter that cost him Ksh. 300 million. This bird is a twin engine civil light utility helicopter produced by Airbus helicopters. It is outfitted with digital flight controls and can fly under instrument flight rules (IFR). He mostly uses it during political rallies and high end meetings.

A V8 Land cruiser

This amazing machine with a V8 engine cost Raila a cool Ksh. 14 million. One thing you should know about this car is that it is bulletproof. No wonder he uses it mostly during political rallies. It is very comfortable.

A Range Rover sports

This cool machine was acquired with Ksh. 10 million. It is powered by a 3.6 liter V8 diesel engine. This super comfortable car can accelerate from zero to 100kh/hr in just 6 seconds with a top speed of 220 km/hr. It has safety features like airbags and electronic crash prevention aids.


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