Drama as a Vocal Governor Dumps His ‘Side Chick’ After Having an Affair for 5 Years


A vocal governor is currently a worried man after he decided to end his extramarital affair with his side chick. The two have been lover birds for the past five years. They hooked up about two years before the 2017 general elections and the lady was instrumental in mobilizing campaign funds for the governor.

The governor who is in his first time can directly link his election victory to this lady and they have been doing pretty well up until two weeks ago when he grew distant. Last week on Tuesday, the two engaged in an open exchange of words after the county boss alerted the side chick of his intentions to end their relationship.

The lady has been thrown into shock on why he would want to dump her 17 months to the next election in which she had already hit the ground running in helping him win re-election. The governor however is adamant that they must stop seeing each other.

They say hell has no fury like a woman scorned. The side chick has vowed not to go down without a fight. She has threatened to expose each and every evil did by the governor and ensure he loses in the upcoming election if he does not take her back. She feels she literally created him and in the process, he elevated her to a place of honor in which she cannot go back now. Corridors report that things are about to get messier and noisier as the governor and the side chick take on each other in a do or die battle.


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