Aisha Jumwa declares her unwavering support for DP Ruto again


Deputy President William ruto has today toured Kwale and Mombasa County for various development agendas. A section of coastal leaders from the opposition coalition NASA came out to support him. They insisted that they keep on supporting DP William Ruto despite sharp divisions that their move causes within the Opposition.

Key among them is the vocal Malindi Member of Parliament Aisha Jumwa. She maintained that the unity deal between President Uhuru Kenyatta and NASA leader Raila Odinga called for peaceful coexistence.

“I am working with Deputy President William Ruto because my party leader Raila Odinga embraced the handshake with President Kenyatta. He said it is over; it is water under the bridge, we need to work together and focus on the future. That is what we are doing and there should be no problem with this.” Stated Jumwa.

She added, “My party leader went and had a handshake with the president. Since some of us cannot reach their, it is okay to embrace our fellow hustler down here who we can easily reach.”

Deputy President William Ruto noted that he is simply doing his constitutionally mandated duties and no one should interfere. He also called upon those taking up his roles to cease immediately. His message was particular on the critics who were accusing him of “kutangatanga”.

The DP said, “I am not a cook, watchman, butcher man or charcoal seller. My work is to work with the president in planning for developments in Kenya. I know my role and do stick to it. I have never taken up someone else’s role and no one should mess with mine. It is my job to move around and ensure things are running smoothly”.

The recent move by coastal lawmakers like Aisha Jumwa coming out to declare their support for DP Ruto 2022 presidency has been criticized by many opposition leaders. Some have called upon the punishment of disloyal members. Aisha Jumwa seems to be unshaken by the noises emanating from within the party. She declared that she is not alighting from the ship she has boarded with the deputy president.


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