Reactions after Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu is arrested over corruption


Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu has been arrested over corruption and misuse of office charges, taken to directorate of criminal investigations for processing and now has been arraigned in court. She was arrested at the Supreme Court and escorted by the Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti to the DCI headquarters.

Director of Public Prosecution Noordin Haji gave a press briefing concerning the arrest maintaining that the evidence presented before him was sufficient to warrant opening of criminal charges against Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu.

This has elicited mixed reactions from all over the country and abroad. The arrest of the Deputy Chief Justice is one of the top profile arrests in the country. People have come out in large numbers to air their views on social media concerning this this major arrest.

Mathews WA Mwenda: “These two guys, DCI and DPP are indeed doing good job! Let’s give credit where it is due. Let the law be supreme.”

Ciiku Mugambi: “We will believe when we see convictions and jail terms of not less than life!!!”

Charles Ngano: “Na tusilete maneno ya mtu wetu! #KOT.”

GG Wachira: “Congratulations DPP and DCI…when are you visiting Nyandarua County…The home of thieving ghosts…hundreds of ghost workers implementing ghost projects and the intimidation of whistleblowers.”

Kimani Ndonga: “A mkora by design…She thought by being used by Wako his husband on behalf of the backward Raila to steal our election and the voice of the majority inside a ballot box her day will never come.. Sorry here it is… Supreme Court crooks led by Mwilu should face justice ASAP.”

David Ogwagwa: “Huyu awekwe ndani kabisa.Ndio Raila alipea pesa ya petition.”

Solomon Karori: “Kenya indeed is a land of wonders! The Chief custodian of LAW and JUSTICE! What a SHAME.”

Kitoko: “Now we talking..the day parliament  and the judiciary will have uncorrupt people,,thts the day war on corruption will be won.”

Lawi: “Noordin haji en George Kinoti should be given a gold medal, this two guys are really fighting impunity in this country, kudos.”

Paul Mwiu: “Fight against #CorruptionKe taking a different turn at a different speed. Still on benefits of handshake?”

Alex: “Kenya moving in the right direction  but we need to see prosecutions  not just questioning and bailing persons involved .”

Moses Omondi: “That’s the Kenya we want,were everybody no matter how powerful u think u are can be held to account.”

Waithira Protano: “Know that you are alone if you are corrupt and expect no sympathy, mercy or protection from my office.” Thank you Chief Justice Maraga! Round up these rotten apples, lock them up & throw away the keys. The gluttons think ONLY about themselves & not the future of ALL our children.”



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