Prepare for Ksh 4000 Free Monthly Income From the Gov’t Through M-Pesa if You Live in These Areas


The United Kingdom has partnered with the Kenyan government to cushion vulnerable Kenyans against the hard economic times brought by Covid-19. They have rolled out a cash transfer program that will benefit 52,700 individuals who are hard hit by covid-19. The affected families and individuals who will be enrolled under this program will each be receiving Ksh 4,000 through mobile money transfer systems like the popular M-Pesa. 

The program targets poor and vulnerable families living in Nairobi and Mombasa’s informal settlements. In Nairobi, the program will feature those living in slums like Kibera, Mukuru kwa Njenga, Mukuru Kwa Reuben, Korogocho, Mathare, Kawangware slum, Kayole, Baba Dogo, Huruma and Dandora slum. This is according to Labour Cabinet secretary Simon Chelugui. 

“The program will help improve livelihood and wellbeing of the beneficiaries and enable them participate in rebuilding of our economy,” said Labour CS Simon Chelugui as reported by NTV. 

While in Mombasa, those who are set to benefit from this program are those dwelling in Tudor Moroto slums, Maweni, Ziwa La Ng’ombe, Shika Adamu, Mshomoroni, Ngomeni, Kisumu Ndogo, Junda, Likoni and Soweto slums.

Labour CS Simon Chelugui announced that a total of Ksh 680 million had been pumped into this program. The initial plan is to run the program for 3 pilot months with an option of extending depending on the covid-19 situation in the country. The government further announced that beneficiaries of this program have been identified through databases of registered community-based organizations based in their areas of residence and all is set to start making payments to them through mobile money.


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