Man caught pants down with bestfriend’s wife


Drama ensued when a man caught his best friend making love to his wife of 5 years in the coastal county of Mombasa. The man had told his wife he will be home late as he had to watch the World Cup Finals with friends. He later changed his mind and decided to watch the match from home. On arrival he opened the door and found the two making love on the couch while the World Cup game was on going. The guy locked the two in and called in some trusted neighbors. He however refused to punish them but instead chose to donate the lady to his best friend. He brought about a paper, wrote the letter and signed by both parties and the neighbors as witnesses.

The couple had just recently moved to this new estate when the unexpected happened. Apparently the guy has been suspecting his wife of infidelity but lacked tangible evidence. When his guts could not bear it anymore, he decided to move to another estate maybe it might end things. Speaking exclusively to, the guy sought anonymity and details of the estate withheld to avoid the embarrassment.

“Kakangu swala hili laniumiza sana. Huyu mke wangu mimi nilimpenda na roho yangu yote hata sijamtamani mwanamke mwingine. Mimi napambana kila siku kuitafutia familia yangu na kumpa kila atakacho kumbe yuanicheza na rafiki yangu. Imeniuma sana ila yote ni ya Mola. Mimi sitaki kesi wala vurugu. Nawaacha wawe pamoja bora tu mimi aniondokee. Naomba ukiripoti hii taarifa yako usitutaje wala kutaja mtaa wetu.” He stated.

It is still not clear if they will reunite but the man packed the lady’s belongings and chased the two out of his house. He noted that he will not take any legal action and wanted the matter to be kept strictly among those who were present. It appears the two have been having an affair way before even the couple got married.  The lady said that she was so much in love with her husband but could not help it but cheat. She has been trying to stop it severally but still found her way into the other guy’s arms. She blamed the devil for the extra marital affair.




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