Kenyan Government Steps up Measures to curb Corona Virus


The Kenyan government has put up new measures in an effort to curb the spread of the deadly and highly contagious Coronavirus. The new rules as announced by the Minister for Health Mutai Kagwe are aimed at cutting the chain of Coronavirus transmission among Kenyans. Here are the latest measures put in place:

Public screening campaign that kicked off today in Nairobi Central Business District which will then be echoed across the country.

The fumigation of the Gikomba market was carried out successfully today and will be exercised in other parts of the city and other regions of the nation.

Instructing public vehicles to carry half capacity passengers with a 14-seater matatu to carry 8 passengers, 60-seater bus to carry 30 passengers et cetera.

Supermarkets to control the number of shoppers at every given point with an estimated 100 or fewer shoppers per hour.

Public vehicles, shopping centers and all other public places to provide water and soap for washing hands or alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

Entertainment places to close business by 7:30 pm and allow people home and ensure thorough cleaning and disinfection of their premises.

People urged to enhance social distancing by ensuring a one-meter distance among persons in all directions.

Banning public gathering, sporting, religious and all social events.

All Kenyans are asked to cooperate and follow the laid down government to help combat this menace.


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