DCI reveals new trick criminals are using to steal your money


DCI headwaters [Source/DCI]

The Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has this Friday revealed tricks scammers are using to con innocent Kenyans.

Taking to Twitter, DCI revealed that scammers are sending their targets emails with promising job offers.

They then ask for some cash to grantee you a job, however, they don’t offer you any job after securing money from you.

DCI alerted Kenyans to beware of no organisations can ask prospected employees to pay money before giving them jobs. 

“Beware of the emails, which offer jobs in exchange for money, such e-mails are spam. No organization/ company ever asks for money to work for them.-@CyberDost,” DCI revealed in a tweet.

DCI further urged Kenyans to re-visit Act of Parliament and familiarize themselves with cyber offences and how to go about them.

“There is an Act of Parliament to provide for offences relating to computer systems, to enable timely and effective detection, prohibition, prevention, response, investigation and prosecution of computer and cybercrimes- @MyKenyaLaw #OnlineFraudsters,” DCI added.

In recent weeks, several cyber-related offences have been reported in the country, with big organisations and even banks targeted in this highly organised scam.


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