WCB Wasafi record artists, management and songs


Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) as commonly known as WCB Wasafi records was founded by the bongo musician Diamond Platnumz (Abdul Naseeb). This is one of the best performing music recording labels in east and central Africa. It has grown from a single artist to the current 7 artists.


Diamond Platnumz is the director of WCB Wasafi records and commonly referred to as the President of Wasafi records. Thanks to his hard work that he has also started Wasafi TV. On the management of wasafi records are Babu Tale, Sallam SK, Said Fella, Ricardo Momo, Makame Fumbwe, and Mr. Puaz.

The artists signed under wasafi records include Harmonize, Rayvanny, Rich Mavoko, Queen Darleen, Lavalava and Mbosso. The label also has a team of dancers which include but not limited to Dummy Utamu, Mose Iyobo, Zungu, and Hbaajuni. Music production is entrusted on Laizer and the all-time favorite Tuddy Thomas.

Artists and their songs

Diamond Platnumz

Mr. President himself has served us to a varied recipe of top hits that we all have come to love. These are; iyena, sikomi, baila, nana, number one, nataka kulewa, nitampata wapi, waka, eneka, Salome, baikoko, moyo wangu, niache, I mis you, African beauty, fire, kosa langu, mdogo mdogo, hallelujah, far away, Pamela, bum bum and my heart.


He was the first artist to be signed to WCB Wasafi records. His top hits include matatizo, aiyola, Kwa ngwaru, dm chick, nishachoka, atarudi, bado, happy birthday, niambie, shulala, penzi, sina and kidonda changu.


He was nominated to BET awards 2017 and won the Viewer’s Choice category. He is well behaved and a focused musician. His top hits are; kwetu, natafuta Kiki, makulusa, pochi nene, chombo, zezeta, mbeleko, chuma ulete, unaibiwa, siri, sikupendi, sugu and wasi wasi.

Rich Mavoko

He was initially signed under Kaka Empire, a Kenyan recording label. He however did not renew his contract but rather opted for WCB Wasafi records. Under Kaka Empire label he was doing pretty well with great hits like roho yangu, njoo and pacha wangu. Under wasafi records, he has managed to serve us with hits such as ibaki story, Rudi, kokoro, wanakutamani, Sheri, marry me, and ndengele. His star did not shine much at Wasafi records. Most of his hits were average. There are unconfirmed reports of his departure from Wasafi records. We will follow it up and update you once we confirm those reports.

Queen Darleen

She is the sister to Diamond Platnumz and the only female in the male dominated Wasafi records. She has not performed that well with only a few hits on her name. Apart from zilipendwa by all Wasafi  artists, she has only managed to produce kijuso, ntakufilisi and touch.


He is among the latest entrants into the Wasafi family. Top hits so far from him are tuachane, dede, go gaga, nitake nini, teja, kizungu Zungu and utatulia.


Mbosso was originally with the famous yamoto band. Upon its disbandment, he was signed into Wasafi records. He seems to be doing very well even though he is the newest member. His songs are getting millions of views on YouTube and he has been accumulating a huge fan base. His top hits at Wasafi include hodari, nadekezwa, watakubali, nipepee, nimekuzoea, jibebe, picha yake and shida.



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