The 7 talented artists of WCB Wasafi records


WCB Wasafi records has taken over the music industry in East and central Africa. We have watched it grow from a single artist to the current seven artists. All of the artists at wasafi records seem to be performing well. This can be attributed to the best management they have and teamwork. The artists also are dedicated to their work and best of it all are very talented. They have been serving their supporters with hit after hit over the years. They have also collaborated with artists both within and without Tanzania. Today we take a look at each of the musicians under the wasafi records.

1. Diamond platnumz

His real name is Naseeb Abdul Juma. He is the founder and the President of WCB Wasafi records. Diamond is also known as Chibu Dangote. He was born on the 2nd day of October 1989. Abdul Juma and Sanura Kasimu are his parents. Romeo Abdul Jones, Esma Platnumz and Queen Darleen are his brother and sisters. He is married to a South African based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan. Together they are blessed with two children Latifah Dangote and Prince Nillan. The two separated but are not officially divorced.

Diamond has been in a romantic relationship with the Tanzanian video vixen Hamisa Mobetto. Hamisa was the video vixen in his hit song Salome featuring Rayvanny. Diamond and Hamisa have a handsome son named Baby Daylan. Some of his hit songs are Number one, Salome, Sikomi, Marry you, Mbagala, Kesho, Kamwambie, Iyena, Nitampata wapi, Nimpende nani, Eneka and African beauty.

2. Harmonize

His real name is Rajab Abdul Kahali. Harmonize was born the 3rd day of October 1991 in Mtwara, Tanzania. Harmonize and Diamond are very close friends. He has been in romantic relationships with Tanzanian actor Jacqueline Wolper and Italian girlfriend Sarah but no official marriage reports.

Ever since his signing by WCB Wasafi records, he has never disappointed his fans. He has always given us best hits that have attracted millions of views on YouTube. His hit songs include but not limited to Kwa ngwaru, Happy Birthday, Aiyola, Bado, DM Chick, Shulala, Niambie, Matatizo, Sina and Nishachoka. Presently, he is doing major collabos that are perfoming so well.

3. Rayvanny

Rayvanny is the stage name but his real name is Raymond Shaban Mwakyusa. A very talented musician from the WCB Wasafi records. 22nd day of August 1993 being his date of birth. He is married to Fahyma and together have a son by the name Jaydan Vanny. His hit songs are Natafuta Kiki, Makulusa, Kwetu, Chuma ulete, Unaibiwa, Mbeleko, Zezeta, Pochi nene, Siri and Give you all. Furthermore, he is the first Tanzanian Atist to be nominated for BET awards. In fact, he won the Viewers Choice.

4. Rich Mavoko

Before joining WCB Wasafi records of Tanzania, he used to be under Kaka Empire records of Kenya. He has successfully won the hearts of many through his many hit songs and exemplary stage performance.  Rich Mavoko’s hit songs are Rudi, Kokoro, Roho yangu, Marry me, Silali, Ongea nae, Show me, Ibaki story, Bolingo ngai and Pacha wangu.

5. Queen Darleen

Queen Darleen is a sister to Diamond Platnumz. She is the only female musician under WCB Wasafi records as at now. She is still able to serve her fans with some hit songs besides being in a male dominated recording label. Key of her songs are Kijuso, Ntakufilisi, Touch and the Wasafi artists’ Zilipendwa.

6. Lava Lava

Lava Lava is one of the new signees of WCB Wasafi records. However, for the short time he has been at Wasafi records, he has still produced several hit songs. Some of his hit songs are Tuachane, Kilio, Utatulia, Dede, Teja, Kizunguzungu, Tattoo, Drive me home and Chaka. No doubt he will be top of the charts soon.

7. Mbosso

Mbosso is the newest to WCB Wasafi records. He originally was one of the Yamoto band members. Upon arrival at Wasafi, he first featured in the hit song Zilipendwa. Even after the separation of Yamoto band, his music career did not die. His hit songs include Picha yake, Alele, Watakubali, and Nimekuzoea. Even though he is still new, he has great potential.




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