Tears as Mbosso’s dearest Mombasa fan dies


Mbosso [Source/Mbosso]

Mbosso Khan and whole of Wasafi Records fraternity are in tears after the death of one of their great Mombasa fan.

On Thursday, he took to social media to mourn the death of Mzee Jamal Ismail whom he eulogized as one of his great supporters, who made the elderly to love his music.

The deceased was a known figure in Mombasa after a viral video of him singing along Mbosso’s songs emerged online some months back.

Mzee Jamal Ismail could sing along Mbosso’s ‘Nipepee’ song like he was the man behind its lyrics.

This moved the singer and during his show in Diani, he had to invite the old Mzee on stage. 

“Am saddened with the death of my fan from Mombasa, Mzee Jamal Ismail, through him the elderly all over the region like my songs, he made Mombasa to receive my songs positively, am suffering terribly, may God rest you in eternal peace, we all belong to God and to him we will return.

(Nasikitika Kupokea taarifa ya huzuni sana ya Kumpoteza Shabiki yangu kipenzi wa Mombasa Kenya 🇰🇪 .. Mzee Jamal Ismail, maarufu kama Mzee anacheka anao raha au kwa Jina lingine “Mzee wangu wa Nipepee .. “Ametutoka “.. kupitia wewe Mzee Jamal uliifanya sehemu kubwa ya Mombasa ipokee mziki wangu kwa Mapenzi ya juu sana, Kupitia wewe ulifanya watu wazima wote waanze kuwa Mashabiki zangu kila sehemu.., naumia mzee wangu .., Mwenyezi Mungu akupe kauli thabiti, Akuepushie na adhabu ya Kaburi na inshaallah Roho yako akaipumzishe kwenye Pepo Yake ya Firdausi ..Sisi sote ni wa Mwenyezi Mungu na Kwake tutareje),” read Mbosso’s eulogy post.

He could however, not reveal the cause of his death.

This writer understands the old man was physically challenged his way of movement was through his wheelchair and bike for the handicapped.  


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