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Lava lava is a bongo musician under the WCB Wasafi records management whose real name is Abdul Juma Idd. He was born on 27th March 1993 in Tanzania.

Music career

Lava lava joined Wasafi Records in 2015 but was officially unveiled on 22nd May 2017 by WCB Wasafi president Diamond Platnumz during a radio interview at Clouds FM. He was accompanied by fellow Wasafi record artists; Rayvanny, Queen Darleen and Rich Mavoko. It was on this occasion that he officially introduced his hit song Tuachane. The audio went live that day but the video was published on YouTube on 24th May 2017.

Early life

He used to have passion for singing but never knew where to start from. His mother was totally against him being a musician which made things a little difficult for him since she was the one he was supposed to rely on for support like fare to attend events. The first time he went to record a song, he was chased from the studio because he did not know music harmony. Lava lava decided to join Tanzania House of Talents (THT) where he studied music. Upon completion, a friend from Wasafi asked him to present himself to Wasafi records and he was lucky to be signed in. While at wasafi records it took two years before being unveiled. He stayed for a whole year at Wasafi records without formally meeting Diamond Platnumz.

Diamond Platnumz noticed Lava lava talent a bit early but wanted to check his character and personality before signing him. He reports during the interview that he once asked to buy a song from Lava lava but Lava lava refused to sell it to him but instead offered to give him the song for free. This touched the heart of Diamond and made him agree to sign him into his team.


Lava lava is alleged to have been in a relationship with a Tanzanian lady called Flaviana. Through an interview with Jubon Online which was published on YouTube on 21st August 2018, Flaviana presents a video of Lava lava at her place taking tea without even a shirt and WhatsApp chats between them. Apparently Flaviana is pregnant and she narrates that Lava lava is responsible. However, through separate media interviews, Lava lava denies the claim stating that the lady is just looking for fame.




Go gaga

Nitake nini










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