Finally! Vera Sidika introduces her babe Otile Brown to her parents


Its official ladies and gentlemen; Vera Sidika just introduced the love of her life Otile Brown to her parents. Those who thought this couple was a joke, think again. Some gave them ultimatums. They seem to be getting more and more serious each day. From the best friends forever to we are dating, then HIV test and now introduction to parents. I personally call this good progress. We are all entitled to different opinion and that is the beauty of life.

Vera took to her facebook page to share the good news. She wrote, “Introduced my babe otile brown to my parents. Wenye Wivu watapata tabu sana.”

Just like she predicted, wenye wivu  came out guns blazing. Her supporters also came out to stand with her in solidarity. This is what conspired.

Pascal Agunga: Vera I can remember sometimes back you said you were to date a broke guy for fun so the question is, is Otile the “broke guy” you were referring to??

Peggy Mamake Sharly: Show as your parents and the introduction because you like posting and bragging about everything and btw otile ndio anafaa kupost ivo not the other way around.. anway let me be thinned by mine.

Monalisa R Lisah: I know it was a relief for them.They were wondering where to get a suitor for their 40 yrs plasticated girl after all the wafulas and wanyonyis in your village rejected you then otile blowns comes from nowhere.Wah God is great.

Pius Filter Mutune: Did you also introduce yourself to your parents ??

Dennis T Wafula: Have you introduced yourself to God?you can’t do so because He does not recognise the yellow yellow Sidika.

John Okaku: Ok mrs vera i wish you and ua bea the best..but plz ua future children will be dark..don’t turn them the way u did to ua’s a big shame mbele ya jamii..try to respect God..uone ufalime wa mbinguni..

Flora Carl: Introducing A Man To Your parents aint enough for him not to leave You… Go ahaead and introduce him to Your Ancestors alternatively.

Neema Grace: Don’t bragg about yourself coz everything in this world is vanity , vanity ati mwenye wivu ajinyonge ooh my ,may God have mercy on you lips ooh.
Krys Winston Otis: damn in love with this couples …. kudos vera maintain that man n am proud of you get him home, introduce him and cook ugali n ingokho for him.. #luhyabae.

Damaris Makena: Nice beautiful never mind about haters your future with your bae is more important than matusi z watu apa do what u may dear for your happiness❤❤❤❤❤❤❤.

Shakes Kevin: Are your parents made of plastic too?

If so,then come and introduce him to our KenTank here because your are like a jerrican.

Clinton Oyugah: How long is your contract with otile brown..??? Nmeuliza tu.

Terry Pinky My favourite couple,wish you all the best vera,looking awesome as usual though.

Lucy Leslee: Congrats dear,ni kwa muda baadae itakua mazoea waache waseme ila usiwaskize.




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