Expensive things owned by Diamond Platnumz


Diamond platnumz has risen from grass to glory over the years. His flourishing music career and entrepreneurial ventures has seen him amass wealth in ways no one ever imagined of. Currently he is among the richest musicians in Africa. The estimated net worth of musician Diamond Platnumz as at now is 6 million us dollars. This is roughly 0.6 billion Kenyan shillings (10.2 billion Tanzanian shillings). Let us take a look at some of the most expensive things he owns.

WCB Wasafi records and Wasafi TV

Diamond platnumz is the founder and the president of the music label WCB Wasafi records. This is one of the major income earners for Diamond and has seen him sign up other musicians like Harmonize, Rayvanny, Rich Mavoko, Queen Darling, Lavalava and former Yamoto band star Mbosso. WCB  Wasafi records is among top recording labels in east and central Africa and one that many musicians would love to be signed into.

A mansion in Tanzania and in South Africa

The Iyena hit maker has a great taste of houses. He owns a mansion in Tanzania that cost him around 1.2 billion Tanzanian shillings (70 million Kenyan shillings). This mansion is commonly referred to as his Statehouse or some call it the Gold house. One unique thing with this mansion is its bathroom and living rooms are plated with gold. He also bought a mansion in South Africa.

A Rolls Royce car

This rare car cost him slightly above half a billion Tanzanian shillings (30million Kenyan shillings). This is a super comfortable car with very high fuel consumption. Only a chosen few can afford it with its enormous expenses. He also owns a Toyota V8, Mercedes Benz convertible, range rover vogue, a 2014 hummer H3 and an orange Ferrari.

The groundnuts business

Diamond platnumz did venture in the groundnuts business that is apparently doing so well. He branded himself on the packs with his name and picture and that has boosted the sales. They are one of the favorite nuts for the Tanzanians and neighboring countries.

Gold and diamond necklaces and rings

Diamond platnumz walks around with jewelry costing over 170million Tanzanian shillings (10 million Kenyan shillings) hanging over his neck and on his hands. He wears pure gold and pure diamond necklaces and rings that do cost a fortune. His sense of fashion is just adorable with designer clothes from the top designers around the world and expensive handmade suits. Never forget the large collection of expensive shoes he puts on every day.


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