4 Top celebrity lovely couple in Kenya (photos)


If you have to marry then marry someone you love each other, someone your type. Marriage is a lifelong institution that needs no mistakes. You have to be very careful when making the ultimate choice of a life partner. Marry someone who brings out the best in you. Celebrities are very particular with their choices. Most of them choose someone who match their popularity; a fellow celebrity. Others have made it into fame while already in marriage and are doing very well.

Many celebrity relationships or marriages do not last long. If we were to start the count, it surely will take us a while. This might be attributed mostly to the infidelity and incompatibility. A few can be linked to marrying or dating for the wrong reasons. However, there a number of celebrity couple in Kenya who are doing well in their marriages. Or let me put it this way, they appear to be doing well. One may argue that they only pretend when in public. But even so, other normal couple hides their dirty linen from the public eye as well. Here are the Kenyan power celebrity couple so far.

1. Eric Omondi and Chantal Graziolli

Eric and Chantal


Our most favourite comedian Eric Omondi tops the list with his Italian girlfriend Chantal Graziolli. These two loverbirds have gone a long way to display a perfect show of love and affection. Eric Omondi has proven time and again that he is a true gentleman. In many occasions he will hit headlines having done this and that for his gorgeous princess from Italy. For instance, when she was returning to Kenya, he did rent a billboard near Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and put up her picture and a lovely welcome back message. On a valentine’s day he bought her a brand new Mercedes Benz. In matters love, affection and relationships, he is top of the game.

2. Nameless and Wahu

Nameless and wife Wahu


David Kamoni Mathenge (Nameless) and his wife Rosemary Wahu Kagwi (Wahu) are doing well in their marriage. They recently marked their 11th marriage anniversary. The two musicians have stood together through tough times especially when Nameless was hospitalized. Two beautiful daughters and 11 years in marriage is a sure sign of them doing just fine. On their 11th anniversary, they both shared romantic and appreciative messages to each other. Their marriage seem to be flourishing.

3. Bishop Allan Kiuna and Rev. Kathy Kiuna

Bishop Allan and Kathy Kiuna


The two lovely couple Bishop Allan Kiuna and Reverend Kathy Kiuna are from Jubilee Christian Church, Nairobi. They have over the years risen to fame from their powerful summons and public display of deep affection. Each new day they  look very much in love. They also have a very amazing congregation that bought Bishop Allan Kiuna a jet on his 50th birthday.

4. Dj Mo and Size 8

DJ Mo, Size 8 and daughter


The top Kenyan gospel deejay marries a reborn gospel artist and makes an awesome pair. The two have been doing well in their marriage basing on how they display their affection in public. Dj Mo (Samuel Muraya) and his wife size 8 reborn (Linet Masiro Munyali) are blessed with one precious daughter called Ladasha Belle Muraya. The award winning deejay and the mateke hit maker seem to be enjoying the fruits of their admirable marriage.


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